LNSF Application

The LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF) is currently open. Applications must be submitted directly to a local participating LULAC Council by March 31, 2020; they will NOT be accepted at the LNESC National Office.

The application can be found here: LULAC Scholarship Application

Council 402 opposes the State Takeover of HISD

The resolution reads in part…

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the League of United Latin American Citizens hereby:

  1. urges the Texas Education Agency to cease its efforts to take over the Houston Independent School Board,
  2. urges the Texas Education Agency to allow the elected Houston Independent School Board to choose its own Superintendent,
  3. urges Travis County District Judge Catherine Mauzy to overrule the March 4 TEA appeal of the injunction against the TEA takeover, and to furthermore uphold the principles of democratic elections by allowing the voters to choose their own school board members,
  4. urges the members of the Texas Legislature to amend HB 1842 to create more stringent criteria than the failure of one of over 280 schools in a district for the takeover of that district, or to abolish the law and start from scratch.

Voted & approved by the Council on March 4, 2020.

To read the full resolution, click on this link: 3.4.20 LULAC Resolution


Scholarship Now Available

Click on our scholarship tab to get the scholarship application.

Scholarship Timeline:

  • March 1: Deadline for Partnership Agreements and funds from LULAC Councils
  • March 31: Deadline for student applications to LULAC Councils
  • April 1: Participating LULAC Councils are notified of supplementation fund
  • June 15: Applicants notified of scholarship award by local LULAC Council
  • July 15: First scholarship disbursement to be received by participating Councils
  • January 15: Second scholarship disbursement to be received by Councils